David Tskhakaya, Dr. [ Scientific Worker, Tokamak Department ]

Place: Tokamak Building, Office: F 206
Tel.: (+420) 266 053941
Fax: (+420) 286 890 448
Email: tskhakaya@ipp.cas.cz

Research projects

2020-2022 Determination of the plasma properties in the SOL and in the divertor of the COMPASS tokamak using probe techniques
Provider: Czech Academy of Sciences; Project ID: *BAS-20-13
2020-2022 Kinetic study of boundary plasma in COMPASS and COMPAS-U tokamaks
Principal investigator
Provider: Czech Science Foundation; Project ID: GA20-28161S

List of Publications

2019Eksaeva A., Borodin D., Romazanov J., Kirschner A., Kreter A., Eichler M., Rasinski M., Pospieszczyk A., Unterberg B., Brezinsek S., Linsmeier Ch., Tskhakaya D., Borodkina I., Komm M.: Surface roughness effect on Mo physical sputtering and re-deposition in the linear plasma device PSI-2 predicted by ERO2.0. Nuclear Materials and Energy 19 [May 2019] (2019) 13-18.
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