Study of edge plasma interaction with plasma facing components in tokamaks.
Project ID:KJB100430602
Provider:Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences
Period:Jan 01, 2006 - Dec 31, 2008
Principal Investigator:RNDr. Radomír Pánek, PhD.
Co-investigatorsJ. Brotánková, R. Dejarnac, M. Hron, M. Komm

Aims of the project: Understanding edge plasma physics in tokamaks is very important in order to control particle and power fluxes to plasma facing components. We propose to study thoroughly the effect of this plasma on solid surface via the coupling of two Particle-in-Cell (PIC) codes. This would represent a scientifically original and important step, making possible the simulation of the entire edge plasma region with PIC method. This new tool would allow to clarify fundamental physics of collective movement and will be use to investigate still unclear phenomena. Fast particles generated by the interaction of Lower-Hybrid waves with edge plasma will be studied as well as the effect of these non-maxwellian fast particles on electrostatic probes measurements. However, the main topic will be the modeling of fuel retention and carbon deposition in gaps between the tiles of the direct plasma-wall interaction region of a tokamak in view of the next generation device - ITER.

Progress/Results: 2D Particle-in-cell code, developed in the frame of this grant, enabled to explain new effects connected to the hydrogen, deuterium and tritium retention of the tokamak divertor. Critical areas of the divertor were identified.


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