Effect of edge plasma turbulence in tokamaks on the particle transport
Project ID:IAA100430502
Provider:Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences
Period:Jan 01, 2005 - Dec 01, 2007
Recipient - coordinatorInstitute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
Principal Investigator:Doc. Ing. Ladislav Krlín, DrSc.
Co-recepient(s) / PI(s):Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague -- Ing. Vojtěch Svoboda, CSc.
Co-investigators from IPPR. Pánek, P. Pavlo, J. Stöckel, V. Fuchs, V. Piffl, M. Hron, V. Petržílka, V. Weinzettl, M. Zápotocký, P. Cahyna

Aims of the project: The project continues in our works dealing with an anomalous diffusion of particles in a simple model of the edge plasma turbulence. Our approach was based on the Hamiltonian (not drift) solution of the dynamics and focused on generation of the radial electric field, which might play an important role in mechanisms of transport barrier generation. We shall study the diffusion in more realistic potentials obtained from electrostatic and Alfvén drift turbulence and in potentials measured on CASTOR tokamak. Following our previous works, we assume that the diffusion determined by means of the Hamiltonian formalism will differ for ion impurities and electrons, and, therefore, there is a possibility of the electric field generation. The aim of the project is to confirm it in more exact and realistic models and to study the dynamics of particles trapped in the potential structures and the dynamics of particles in the turbulent potential and tokamak magnetic field.

Progress/Results: Study of anomalous ion diffusion in the electrost. turbulence predicts Levy walk kinetics for typical tokamak parameters. The presence of elektrost. turbulence changes ion dynamics in the vicinity of magnetic islands. Hamiltonian approach is necessary.


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