Free-standing deposits from less-common materials manufactured by plasma spraying and their basic characteristics
Project ID:GA104/99/0304
Provider:Czech Science Foundation
Period:Jan 01, 1999 - Dec 31, 2001
Principal Investigator:Ing. Karel Neufuss

Aims of the project: Plasma spraying is one of the fastest growing areas of industrial development in about last 20 years. Oxide ceramics (alumina, zirconia) represent the majority of the plasma deposited ceramics. These deposits exhibit an unusual phase composition and anisotropic microstructure, giving them interesting properties for industrial applications. A number of routinely used ceramic materials in industry, such as silicates, titanates and zirconates, are not yet used in plasma spray industry. In our previougrant, where we studied use of selected group of silicates for plasma spraying, was shown that these materials can be easily sprayed and the deposits offer industrially useful properties. Deposits were mostly composed of amorphous phase and exhibited strongly anisotropic microstructure. Deposits properties could be altered by annealing at high enough temperatures. A large number of other ceramics are used in the industry, and most of them were never studied for use in plasma spraying. We propose to


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