Interaction of intense spatially localized waves with tokamak
Project ID:IAA1043003
Provider:Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences
Period:Jan 01, 2000 - Dec 31, 2001
Principal Investigator:Ing. Ladislav Krlín, DrSc.
Co-investigatorsP. Pavlo, V. Petržílka, R. Pánek

Aims of the project: Our recent studies of the dynamics of particles in a spectrum of spatially localized lower hybrid waves (LHW) revealed that the diffusion coefficient obtained by numerical simulation differs considerably from the corresponding quasilinear one already for moderate LHW powers. To get realistic values of the absorbed power and the driven current for power levels exceeding the limit of applicability of the existing Fokker-Planck codes (with the quasilinear diffusion term), new methods and codes have to be developed. These must account for the complicated nonlinear interaction of particles with LH waves on the microscopic level with inclusion of selfconsistent fields and, at the same time provide reliable steady-state macroscopic quantities of absorbed power density and driven current density. Further, we intend to identify the underlying mechanism of the stochastization of the particle dynamics, which is also related to the generation of fast electrons.


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