Low-Z Coatings for Plasma Facing Components of Fusion Reactors
Project ID:DV4/04(TW0)
Provider:Euratom under European Fusion Development Agreement
Period:Jan 01, 2000 - Dec 31, 2001
Principal Investigator:Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.
Co-investigatorsP. Chráska, K. Neufuss, V. Brožek, P. Ctibor, J. Dubský, P. Rohan

Aims of the project: For many plasma facing components of fusion research devices, special materials are sought for. Since "single" materials (such as steels, special alloys, etc.) are often at the limits of their properties, new types of materials must be developed - for instance, composites. In particular, stainless steel structural components have to be covered by a material with low Z. One of the candidate materials is boron carbide. This project is aimed at developments of boron carbide coatings sprayed by WSP, utilizing its high temperature and enthalpy of the jet and high material throughput. Specific tasks of this project include: - development and optimization of spraying technique for boron carbide - deposits characterization by SEM, XRD, DTA and other techniques - spraying and testing of alternative materials for plasma facing components


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