Innovation of technology for thermal spraying of materials
Project ID:FR-TI2/561
Provider:Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Period:Jan 01, 2010 - Dec 30, 2012
Recipient -- coordinator:Őkoda vřzkum s.r.o. -- Dr. Ing. Milan Schuster
Co-recepient(s) / PI(s):Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague -- doc. RNDr. Milan Hrabovsk├Ż, CSc.
SIGMA PUMPY HRANICE, s.r.o. -- Libor Dvo┼Ö├í─Źek
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of West Bohemia -- Ing. Miloslav Kepka, CSc.
Co-investigators from IPPO. Chumak, T. Kavka, V. Kopeck├Ż, A. Ma┼íl├íni, V. B┼Öezina, P. Brom

Aims of the project: The subject of the project solving is the innovation of the flame spray technology using an accelerating regulating apparatus, the design of which will be optimized by means of computer modelling of fluid and heat flow. The spraying process parameters will be optimized using statistical methods with the aim of improving the deposited coatings qualities. The main project goals are a verified functional unit of the accelerating regulating apparatus, test specimens of the coatings obtained using the innovated technologies for the verification of mechanical properties, service tests of the coated part under a high loading. The final projects aim is producing coatings of a higher quality for better products. The economic benefits of the application of the innovated spraying technology will contribute to the increase in the competitiveness and will lead to the improvement in the position on the thermal spraying market both in the Czech Republic and abroad especially in transport, power and mining industry.


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