Development of W/Fe functionally graded materials
Project ID:WP12-MAT-HHFM
Provider:Euratom under European Fusion Development Agreement
Period:Feb 07, 2012 - Dec 31, 2013
Principal Investigator:Ing. Jiří Matějíček, PhD.
Co-investigatorsM. Vilémová, B. Nevrlá

Aims of the project: Objective: Optimized, dense FGM layers produced by various alternative concepts, their characterization and comparison Activities: Final optimization of plasma sprayed W/Fe composites and FGMs prepared by the hybrid torch (continuation from 2011) HIPping of the plasma sprayed layers for improvement of thermal conductivity (postponed from 2011) Formation of similar composites using spark plasma sintering (pulse plasma sintering) Investigation of (potential) W-Fe intermetallic phases formed during processing or after-treatment Critical comparison and assessment of composites/FGMs prepared by all the alternative concepts, their properties, advantages and disadvantages