Laboratory discharges for simulating and investigating Transient Luminous Events
Project ID:*M100431201
Provider:Czech Academy of Sciences
Period:Jul 01, 2012 - Jun 30, 2015
Principal Investigator:RNDr. Milan Šimek, Ph.D.
Co-investigatorsV. Prukner, P. Hoffer, V. Babický

Aims of the project: The aim of the bilateral project (IPP + Istituto de Astrofisica de Andalusia, IAA-CSIC Granada, Spain) is to investigate laboratory TLE-like discharges (TLE=Transient Luminous Events), especially so called "Red Sprites". The principal goals of the project: 1) Design and construction of laboratory devices allowing periodic generation of TLE-like ionizing waves similar to "Red Sprites", 2) Determination of basic opto-electrical characteristics of laboratory TLE-like ionizing waves, 3) Comparison of spectrometric characteristics of real and laboratory "Red Sprites".