Nanocellulose Reinforced Composites for Advanced Earthquake-proof Construction Technology (nCEL-CONST)
Project ID:KONNECT - 009
Provider:Czech Academy of Sciences
Period:Jul 01, 2016 - Jul 31, 2018
Co-investigatorsV. Prukner, A. Kuzminova

Aims of the project: KONNECT Joint Call on ‚ÄúResources and Sustainability‚ÄĚ: The aim of this international research collaboration is to develop industrially applicable nanoprocessing technologies 1) to prepare concrete repairing nanocellulose based adhesives and 2) to prepare nanocellulose reinforced strong cementitious composites, particularly, for the purpose of saving buildings and constructions, which will be seriously endangered by expecting potential earthquakes in Istanbul, Turkey. Nanocellulose is a unique sustainable material with ultrahigh mechanical properties directly obtainable from wide range of natural sources from all around the World. We will develop ultrahigh strength (300 MPa) concrete and effective void filling adhesives which can convert ordinary concretes to earthquake-proof system by utilizing surface enhanced nanocellulose fibres. The collaborating research roles among Korean, Turkish, and Czech teams are developing technologies of 1) extraction of nanocellulose fibres from natural sources and surface enhancing for high performance nanocellulose composites, 2) production of concrete repairing nanocellulose adhesives and nanocellulose reinforced concrete composites, and 3) plasma treatments of nanocellulose and their cementitious composites for low cost large-scale dry processing, respectively.