Process optics for new generation laser heads
Project ID:FV10071
Provider:Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Period:Sep 01, 2016 - Dec 31, 2019

Aims of the project: A) To design and develop a new opto-mechanical and electronic construction of laser heads so that such construction allows the achievement of desired parameters. I.e. to minimize the number of components which is leading to the use of aspheric and freeform optics. Furthermore, in the design of the components use - reflective and refractive surfaces with shapes and internal structure such that it will be possible to achieve significantly better parameters in heat dissipation, in combination with mechanical support structure fitted with a properly designed water cooling. To perform multiparametric optimization of the mechanical design with respect to the easy replacement of damaged components. This complex approach leads to achievement of continuous power coming out of the head higher than 20 kW. B) At the level of optical components to improve their parameters, because the components with current parameters cannot meet the demands of advanced design. improve the final parameters of optical components, especially the smoothness of the surface in order to improve the resistance to withstand transmitted power of 20 kW, while maintaining high quality and geometry of the desired intensity of the laser beam in its technology cross-section. C) To develop antireflective and super-reflective coatings for optical components and to improve manufacturing technology of these layers to withstand long-term durability up to 20 kW. The design layer must be closely related to the materials which are used for optical components in the system and has to be optimized with regard to the heat load distribution and related cyclic mechanical stress during operation. Manufacturing technology must provide a minimum absorption, minimal number of defects and high smoothness of the coating.


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