Soft X-ray laser amplifier used in study of metal and dielectric surfaces under action of strong electric fields
Project ID:GA18-27340S
Provider:Czech Science Foundation
Period:Jan 01, 2018 - Dec 31, 2020
Principal Investigator:Ing. Michaela Kozlová, Ph.D.
Co-investigatorsM. Krůs, J. Nejdl, V. Horný, P. Gajdoš, D. Mašlárová, P. Zakopal

Aims of the project: The main objective of this project is the first realization of laser chain in soft x-ray spectral region that is based on subsequent amplification of high-order harmonic pulse in plasma amplifiers. The fully coherent harmonic pulse will be first amplified in the transient plasma amplifier generated using technique of pumping under grazing incidence. The pulse pre-amplified to energy of μJ will be further amplified in the quasi-steady state amplifier to reach energy of several mJ while keeping the optical properties of the seed. Using the technique of chirped pulse amplification we expect both the efficient extraction of the energy from the plasma amplifier by matching the seed duration to the amplifier gain duration, and generation of bandwidth-limited pulses. This will lead to creation of a user beamline generating sub-picoseconds soft x-ray pulses of peak power higher or comparable to the currently operated and planned free electron lasers. The user beamline applications are spanning over various scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, material sciences, dense plasma physics.


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Nefedova V., Ciappina M. F., Finke O., Albrecht M., Vábek J., Kozlová M., Suárez N., Pisanty E., Lewenstein M., Nejdl J.: Determination of the spectral variation origin in high-order harmonic generation in noble gases. Physical Review A 98 [3] (2018) 1-10, č. článku 033414. [ Abstract ] [ Link ]