Development of ball valve TOP ENTRY – KK8TE
Project ID:FV30058
Provider:Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Period:Jan 01, 2018 - Jun 01, 2020
Co-investigatorsM. Janata

Aims of the project: The aim is to develop a new type of pipe fitting, TOP-ENTRY-KK8TE ball valve. The output will be a fully functional prototype of the fitting. As a result of the technical solution of the project, the stellite weld deposit (current solution) will be replaced by the machined plasma sprayed coating on functional surfaces of the balls and saddles. This solution improves the tightness and durability of the ball valves at operating temperatures higher than 250 °C. Another purpose of the project is to test the technology of spraying of novel material combinations, including a quality evaluation of the structure using materialography - a ceramic and metal based coating. Pilot elements on the real ball valve will also be tested for spallation hazard. The main anticipated benefit will be the development of the technology of applying new special coatings directly to the real parts of the tubing systems.