Partnership for excellence in superpreciseoptics
Project ID:EF16_026/0008390
Provider:Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
Period:Jan 01, 2019 - Dec 31, 2022
Principal Investigator:Ing. Vít Lédl, Ph.D.

Aims of the project: The project Partnership for Excellence in Superprecise Optics develops long-term cooperation with the research centre TOPTEC ÚFP AV ČR and its industrial partners Crytur (Turnov, Czech Republic), a world producer of crystals and crystal optics, and Asphericon GmbH (Jena, Germany) leader in the field of aspherical optics. It creates the conditions for solving the scientific problems associated with the preparation of new generation optical systems. It deals with the development and characterization of new materials, especially crystals produced in Crytur, and thin layers and structures of required properties. The project emphasizes the development of the technologies (CNC and pressing) of obtaining and machining surfaces of predominantly nontrivial optical elements (aspherical and freeform elements). It deals with suppression of periodic structures and minimization of subsurface damage during final surface finishing. The project explores new methods of designing unique complex optical systems, which also take into account the possibility of systems implementation and the economic aspect of their production. The proposed technological processes for the materials and components are tested in industrial plant operations and the feedback provided by them provides a further degree of optimization in all areas of collaborative research. The project envisages the development of new interferometric measuring methods, which allow to determine (with extreme accuracy) the shape and quantitative properties of non-trivial surfaces or the 3D map of the refractive index distribution. These measurements are absolutely crucial for achieving progress in the accuracy and repeatability of all activities and for their subsequent implementation in partner development and production chains. The project will create a new common measurement infrastructure for the TOPTEC Centre, which will be accessible to partners to verify their new technologies and properties of optical elements. The project will make it possible to combine the results of basic research with the extraordinary know-how of industrial partners and enable a significant progress in the development of optical systems, which none of the partners could achieve independently.